A little insight

Working in the catering event industry of London, I have become addicted to discovering great new restaurants and innovative cocktail bars. I attend a lot of festivals, admittedly normally focussed around alcohol, and always use this as a space to find my next favourite pop-up food stall or bars I need to visit. Most of my blog will be focussed through a foodie’s view of London, with a passion for innovative new spirits, cocktails and great coffee spots.

I’m aiming to create a visual and verbal diary of the newest trends and out there concepts, I hope it will be useful (or maybe just slightly interesting) if you’re living in or visiting London. Please always feel free to leave a comment if there’s somewhere you think I should check out, or something you’re interested in reading more about, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I will try to keep the content varied through three main areas – street food, spirits, coffee, though you will occasionally receive holiday updates. I’m not sure how true it is, but I was once told that British people are more likely to be at passport control at any one time then almost any other nationality and that’s stuck with me as a foodie. I love finding inspiration in different places, and I will definitely share my findings when I travel and am always looking for my latest foodie destination. If you have any favourites, please let me know as almost all of my holidays are planned around where I’m going to eat.

Hopefully that’s given you a little insight into who I am, I look forward to sharing more content!



Taken @ Grind London Bridge

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