London Coffee Festival

I can’t be the only one who is excited to head back the the Old Truman Brewery next weekend for LCF 2018. This year I will not be working at Latte Art Live (though I will definitely be down there to watch some of my favourite demonstrations), but I’m so excited to explore the festival as a punter and drink flat white martinis in the sun (okay sun may be a tad optimistic but a girl can dream).

My personal recommendations from last year would be:

  • Try and get on a course: some of these are expensive, but I just booked onto the “choose your own adventure – coffee cocktail masterclass” for only £6.00pp! There are so many different courses and it definitely breaks up your day heading down to the Tasting Room.
  • There are so many areas: last year I spent a lot of my time downstairs with Latte Art Live and the cupping demonstrations, which were brilliant, but there are so many different companies showcasing their products (a lot of which aren’t obviously coffee related), but there’s a lot of companies that travel to London for the festival and are definitely worth chatting to for travel food inspo
  • Free things: I may have tactically decided to go on the Sunday, as this is the last day of the festival and therefore my chances of being offered free things are considerably higher. However, regardless there is a lot to eat and drink at this festival that doesn’t involve spending money. You can try any of the coffees at Latte Art Live and I had the most delicious cakes from a company based in Cornwall. My only warning would be to not overdo it on the long coffees, as the milk itself is incredibly filling as it’s such a high quality. I also picked up a LOT of tea bags last year, so many amazing herbal blends on offer!
  • Flat white martinis: A twist on a classic espresso martini, you just have to try one at some point in your life right?!
  • Talk to people: This festival is filled with the best and the brightest of the coffee industry and they’re there to talk about their business to take advantage of that! Last year I was still incredibly sceptical about dairy alternatives, but watching (and tasting) the Latte Art Live demonstration with Almond Breeze and visiting all the different alternative milk stands, this gave me a chance to try the products and chat about them with the creators and ambassadors. Try something you have never tried before!
  • The food stalls: Oh my goodness I had such a great time visiting each of the food stalls last year. My favourite was the Arancini Brothers who do the most amazing burgers with arancini patties, I can’t wait to see who is there this year!
  • Cross your fingers for sunshine: There’s a gorgeous outside area and really tasty ice-cream and cold drinks should the sun decide to be as glorious as it was last year.

See you at the festival!



Haven’t bought your ticket yet?

Check out there website here.

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