Cocktails in the City

If there was a way to make me love One Marylebone as a venue anymore, it would be filling it with bars showcasing incredible cocktails and flair bartenders. It was my first time attending in 2018 and I was not disappointed, in fact I have a list of bars I need to attend in London that I’m sure I will share my favourites from soon.


One Marylebone

The Soane Hall is transformed into a cocktail haven, with a long table for mingling and mixing (see what I did there) and surrounded by neon lights. It was a tough competition for the quirkiest and most intriguing, but my favourites were probably Eve Bar, Covent Garden for its Champagne ice lollies and sweet and sour donuts, Little Nan’s for its presentation and character, and Craft Cocktail Co. for its porn star & espresso martini on TAP and for just being generally great fun to talk to. My favourite cocktail of the evening however was served in an electric bitters lightbulb by The Gibson Bar. I had The Electric Earl and couldn’t feel my tongue for at least 5 minutes after chewing on the buzz bud. They were showcasing Copper House gin for this event which was absolutely delicious, but you can read about this cocktail here if you’re interested in how it’s created (listed here as Tanqueray 10). It’s essentially an electric twist on a gin and lime tonic, and the presentation made it a lot of fun.


What is also great about Cocktails in the City is the chance to visit international bars and try new spirits and liqueurs you may not have had in London, these seemed to be mostly located in the East Gallery, I would definitely check them out!

Today is the last day you can attend in London, if you haven’t been before I would highly recommend it – hopefully there are still tickets on their website!


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