Manchester: work hard, brunch harder

“Brunch (n): The socially acceptable excuse for day drinking”

I spend a lot of weekends in Manchester with my S.O., to be perfectly honest if I could only live in London Monday-Friday that would be ideal. I honestly love the craziness of working in London, from the hectic commutes to the after work drinks, but on the weekend I just want brunch, wine, strong coffee and Netflix (yes I am one of those people who don’t only consume coffee for fuel).

As a result of this, I have found some of my favourite brunch spots in Manchester, which are perfect after a Saturday AM train or lazy Sunday. Now for anyone who has somehow avoided waiting in line at The Breakfast Club in London (I envy you) I should warn you that my two favourite places often have a queue. The nice thing about Manchester though is that you aren’t expected to stand in the queue shivering, and instead simply add your name to their list and return for the time they give you. There’s plenty of coffee shops near by where you can wait at in anticipation.

Firstly, Federal Cafe & Bar which is an Australian and New Zealand cafe located in the Northern Quarter – one thing I have noticed about Manchester is they love fusion menus – what attracted me most about this was the fact they serve Milo, served in Milo containers and banana bread – what more could you ask for?

Alongside this healthy, balanced menu selection (ha), I had the three egg omelette and left incredibly full. They love sourdough toast (seriously, who doesn’t) so you can expect this with most dishes and they are super dietary friendly. If you go, please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Secondly, Moose Coffee which is an American Canadian fusion brunch spot (I told you they love their fusions) this one is on York Street and you can definitely expect an hour wait unless you opt for a super late brunch. Their potato hash and fluffy pancakes are incredible and every time I go I have the internal debate of sweet vs. savoury. It’s very unlikely you will have a disappointing meal here, I’ve been multiple times now and every time it’s just as great as I imagined. I have never had their waffles, mainly because “The Green Line” and the pancakes win the internal debate every time, but they also look great.

Moose Coffee is also based in Liverpool, I have never been but I’m sure from their multiple locations it’s just as great!

If you visit either of these brunch spots let me know, and I’d love to hear your favourite brunch spot in Manchester so my boyfriend and I don’t become too well known at these spots.


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