The Cheese Bar Camden

After seeing a video of The Cheese Bar on Facebook I decided I absolutely had to check this out. I LOVE cheese, and the idea of having a restaurant where everything contained cheese is just a dream.

I have now been to here twice, the first time was with the intention of trying it out and reviewing my experience, the second was because it was such a sunny Sunday and the thought of sitting outside in the sun sipping wine and eating cheese was very appealing. This restaurant is located inside the Stables Market, turn right as soon as you come inside and it’s a short walk away, it’s pretty obvious!

I would recommend booking ahead if you can, this is super easy to do on their website and there is no booking fee. Both times I’ve been I have sat at the bar, which is fine if there’s only two or three of you, if you are a larger group I would recommend a table.

Now before I get onto the cheese itself, let’s talk drinks. Now they have a cocktail menu, which is pretty standard London prices, but their beers and wines are pretty affordable. The cheapest red wine is £4.50 which is a Tempranillo, which I had the second time I came. If you haven’t had it before I would try the London Mead beer which is created by fermenting honey with water and is really nice with cheese. They also have orange wine, which I have never had before, but is essentially between a white and a red as the grape skins are not removed immediately and instead the grape skins stay in contact for a longer period of time.


Baglio Bianco 2016, Ciello, Sicily

I actually quite enjoyed it and it’s a good pairing for cheese boards, you get the freshness of the light wine but it’s almost more fruity/nutty and tastes a little more like cider, whilst still tasting like wine… honestly it’s really hard to describe so just try it!

Now the menu has so many options, both times I’ve been they haven’t had the blue cheese raclette which I really want to try. We ordered the Four Cheese Rotelle Pasta, cheddar grilled cheese, Angloumi and truffle fries. The second time I went I ordered the cheese board and my friend had the Queso Chihuahua grilled cheese with chorizo.

As usual when I went with my boyfriend we got everything to share, so we both got to try everything… I’d definitely recommend that unless you can eat excessive amounts of cheese by yourself.

The Four Cheese Rotelle Pasta was really tasty, presented in a mini pan and full to the brim with pasta and cheese it’s exactly how you would expect pasta to look in a cheese bar.


I ordered the cheddar grilled cheese which wasn’t my favourite as I found it a little too greasy, but I had already eaten quite a bit of cheese by this point. When I went a second time with my friend and he ordered the meaty grilled cheese he said it was amazing, so perhaps go for one of the slightly different options rather than your classic grilled cheese if you want a toastie, there’s other veggie options too such as the goats cheese, honey and walnut toastie.


Now with the truffle fries I am a bit truffle fan so I liked these purely for this reason. Looking back we may not have needed cheese as a side to cheese but hey you’re at a cheese bar for a reason right?


My absolutely favourite thing on the menu was the Angloumi, which is essentially English halloumi (Anglo-halloumi) and so delicious. These are stuffed with nduja which is a pork salumi for those of you who don’t know (it’s not obvious this contains meat!).


Definitely worth a visit if you’re a cheese lover, really nice inside and it’s also in Camden Market so it’s a good place to have a break from the busy market stalls and sit down for a little bit.

Let me know if you try anything else on the menu that you love!



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