Oxford Street Vegan Brunch

Fabulous brunch today; had to write about this place as soon as I arrived home.

*Apologies for any inevitable spelling mistakes and questionable sentence structures.* 

My mum was visiting London this weekend and we popped to Oxford Street (as you do on a Sunday ONLY if you have visitors). We were looking around for somewhere to get breakfast and stumbled across Ethos.

These guys are open from 12-5 on a Sunday for an all day brunch, but I think their weekday hours include all three meals. They are incredibly unique because not only is everything vegan, but you also pay by weight, which is definitely a new way to do a self serve brunch and perfect for people like me who just want a bit of everything. It also means that if you are with a group of people with varying levels of hunger it’s pretty perfect, because you only pay for the amount you want to eat (or think you want to eat if you’re eyes are bigger than your stomach).

Both my mum and I paid around £13.00 for our plates, plus a coconut flat white each which was really delicious. There was so much choice on both the hot buffet and the salad bar, but my favourites were the veggie patties and vegan scotch eggs. They also had “spare ribs” which tasted very much like meat, so might be a fun place to bring meat eaters to change their opinion on what vegan food is.


My piled-high £13.00 plate of food, including halloumi fritters, chickpea patties, quorn lasagne, scotch egg and various salads and dips

The only warning I would give you is that the desserts are not pay by weight, so make sure you check the individual prices before you pile your plate with £2.00 macaroons. Most people seemed to be opting to takeaway their desserts to save for later.


Salted caramel cookie, banana bread, chocolate and raspberry mousse and raspberry macaron

As we really did just stumble upon it, we obviously hadn’t booked, and were met with the “oh no” expression of any front of house staff member at a popular London restaurant. Luckily we did manage to get a table and with a restaurant structure such as this where the quantity of food is not pre-determined and everything is self-serve they must need to be pretty conservative with their table reservations, so I reckon you have a good chance of getting a table if you just turn up and don’t mind waiting a little bit. It was only a couple minutes for us to get at table at 1pm on a Sunday. If you have the option though, it’s probably worth pre-booking.

If you check it out, let me know your thoughts. I really loved it!



Restaurant information:

Opening hours:

Breakfast 8 am – 11 am
Lunch 12 noon – 3 pm
Afternoon Tea 3 pm – 5 pm
Dinner 5.30 pm – 10 pm

Lunch 11.30 am – 5 pm
Afternoon Tea 3 pm – 5 pm
Dinner 5.30 pm – 10 pm

Lunch 12 noon – 5 pm

Address: 48 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DX

Phone: 020 3581 1538

Email: hello@ethosfoods.com

For AFTERNOON TEA RESERVATIONS, you must book through the restaurant direct by calling 020 3581 1538 or email to avoid disappointment, otherwise your reservation will not be confirmed.

Book online here

4 thoughts on “Oxford Street Vegan Brunch

  1. whatsbeancooking says:

    So glad I found this blog post, always on the look out for new vegan spots in London and this sounds incredible! It also sounds a little like Tibits – have you been there? If not I can highly recommend! I just love being able to pick a little of everything to try it all – I’m rubbish at choosing from a menu! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • fuelledbyfreespirits says:

      Thank you for your comment I’m so glad you enjoyed reading my post! No I haven’t been to Tibits, but I will definitely have a look at it now if it’s similar, I’m always on the look out for new vegan spots to so great to hear your recommendations! I’m totally the same in terms of wanting to try everything on the menu so it’s perfect, though I wish it was the same for the desserts! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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