Gin of the month: May

So I’ve decided it might be fun to include a segment on my current favourite gin or most exciting find. I’m going to aim to publish this on the 1st of the month, every month, if you have any recommendations I would be more than willing to try them over the 30 days!

I absolutely love gin, not just because it’s the best base for a cocktail and my go to drink of choice, but because of the history and diversity of the gins out there. I love attending the Gin Festival, purely to broaden my scope on the new gins on the market, and if you know any cocktail bars that serve my gin of choice this month, please let me know where these are because I would love to visit.


I am going to start this off with a niche gin that you don’t typically find in bars, this is Napue gin and it’s from the Kyro Distillery in Finland. It’s a rye-based gin best garnished with frozen cranberries. They market themselves as the best gin and tonic and I would definitely say it’s up there as one of my all time favourites, it’s just such a shame you rarely see it.

I was introduced to this gin through a client of mine who sourced it for their annual dinner. We were responsible for creating the cocktails recommended by Kyro Distillery on the night and they were hugely successful. Since then I have tried both their Napue gin and their Koskue gin, which is an oaked gin with a whisky finish, served with orange peel. I would definitely recommend serving their Napue gin with classic Indian tonic, frozen cranberries and a sprig of rosemary.

It has won three awards at the International Spirits Awards since 2015. Do have a look at their website for cocktail ideas!

I also came across this gin at the London Coffee Festival 2018 when I was in a masterclass with Mr Black coffee liqueur… turns out we both had been introduced by the same brand ambassador!


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