London: Black Sheep Coffee

6WZcRxak_400x400One of my absolute favourite coffee shops in London is a chain called Black Sheep Coffee. It was started by uni friends, which seems pretty accurate considering the amount of coffee I consumed when I was a student just to function with the various projects, festivals and uni work I took on. Their tag line is to “leave the herd behind” by sourcing unorthodox coffees with a story to be told and it is far tastier than your standard chain coffees.

The Black Sheep in Great Portland Street is where I go regularly, this is a super tiny one but it’s always quiet enough that you never queue for more than 5 minutes even on a busy day. This is definitely more of a coffee stop than a coffee shop as you can’t sit down, but if you’re on the go near this area I would definitely recommend getting your caffeine from here.


When you order your coffee they offer you a choice of two beans, one being fruitier and the other being more chocolate-y, I always go for the more chocolate-y which is absolutely delicious, but probably should get brave enough to switch my beans at some point.

Another thing I love about Black Sheep is that they offer Flat White coffees in various sizes, though I was very perplexed the first time they asked me as that’s very unusual. They increase the amount of coffee for each size so in theory a medium flat white has 3 shots of coffee in it, which is perfect for me, but maybe check if you don’t want that much caffeine. I still pretty much run exclusively on caffeine and sugar and always get these just before an event.


They also stock Moju juices which are absolutely delicious if you are looking for something that isn’t caffeine based. Alternatively, they currently have a peanut butter hot chocolate which does actually taste like peanut butter and is so tasty!


They also do have milk alternatives for anyone who doesn’t have dairy, this includes soy, almond, coconut and hazelnut. Their soy milk isn’t my favourite as it’s got that classic soy aftertaste that a lot of new soy milk producers are starting to eradicate, but their coconut milk is delicious and I have that quite a lot with my flat whites.

If you have ever been to Black Sheep or reading this encourages you to pop in for a coffee let me know your thoughts!



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