P.F. Changs Asian Table – Chinatown

If you read a lot of my posts, you may have seen that I mentioned P.F. Changs with my recommendations for London pre-theatre menus. However just to repeat myself a little bit for some context, this was my favourite restaurant when I was growing up in Dubai and even though it isn’t somewhere I would recommend for vegetarians, if you eat seafood then definitely continue reading.

So I’m just going to put it out there that I absolutely LOVE prawn tempura (/tempura anything) so it’s fairly obvious that my favourite thing on the menu would be the dynamite shrimp. Served in an xl martini glass (my favourite kind of martini glass) these prawns are deep-fried and covered in sriracha aioli (which I also love) and taste incredible with their fried rice. Honestly I just come here and order those two dishes because that’s all I really want.

They have lots of different options on their menu and as eating tapas style is my favourite way to dine, it’s perfect for ordering lots of sharer plates from the starter and side menu if you don’t want a full main course.

They also have a great drinks menu, I really enjoy their cocktails because they aren’t too sweet and instead just incorporate lots of interesting flavours. My personal favourite is one called Luck + Fortune which is:

LUCK + FORTUNE  Gin – Thai Basil – Mandarin Liqueur – Kumquat Jam – Lemon


They also have a pretty delicious wine list, as someone who normally always opts for red wine with dinner.

In terms of their main dishes, everything is so full of flavour that it’s hard to make just one recommendation. Having enjoyed this restaurant for years before I became vegetarian, and still enjoying it now as a pescetarian, I really don’t think you will be disappointed by their offering. Some highlights would be:

ASIAN MARINATED RIB EYE Marinated for 24 hours, grilled and served with our wasabi mash

KUNG PAO CHICKEN OR SHRIMP Wok-fried with Sichuan chili sauce, toasted peanuts and red chili pods

MONGOLIAN BEEF Tender flank steak caramelised with our signature dark soy sauce and garlic served with spring onions

They also have delicious desserts, which is very important to me as you will know if you know me at all (kind of a bit of a huge dessert fiend). Their flourless chocolate cake is absolutely ridiculous and I would be amazed if you finished it without sharing, it’s served with a cherry sorbet which offsets the richness of the chocolate mousse beautifully. We also tried their Pink Paradise dessert which is here for cherry blossom season and is a French macaron filled with raspberry and matcha ganache served with rose icecream. This is one of my all time favourite desserts as I adore macarons and it’s such a perfect combination, but you’ll need to hurry if you want to try it as it’s only a special for now!

This leads perfectly into talking about the Bloom Room. Located downstairs in P.F. Changs, this is a room with a wall full of cherry blossoms. You come here specifically for cocktails and cake (and obviously to take photos next to a wall full of cherry blossoms). It’s so pretty and I really want to visit before it disappears.


In terms of cost, a meal for two here is typically around £100.00, so not a cheap dinner but somewhere worth visiting on a special occasion. I have been to the London restaurant twice so far, once with my boyfriend when it first opened and the second with my mum when she came to visit.

Let me know if you end up visiting, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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