Best kept secret of North West London

I haven’t yet posted about this place, because it’s so lovely that I really don’t want it to get any busier. However, if you do find yourself in NW London on a lovely sunny day and you want somewhere gorgeous for breakfast or lunch that will make you feel as if you took an accidental break to the countryside, then you should visit Stables Cafe in Gladstone Park (no website, so this is a google maps link).

This cafe is run by the loveliest couple ever and a great small team of staff that will look after you, have a chat and serve up delicious menus without fail every time. It is also the best place to hang out with dogs (if you love them as much as I do) as it’s right on top of Dollis Hill, which means dog walkers tend to come here during their morning walks and you get to see a LOT of dogs, especially in the summer. If that’s not reason enough to visit then let me tell you about their menu.


Illy coffee is so delicious, flat whites from here are one of my favourites!

Firstly the coffee, they have Illy coffee which I think is absolutely delicious and used to be the sign of a great coffee shop whenever I was looking for one in Dubai. They do also offer soy milk if you don’t drink normal milk.


Acai smoothie bowl with kiwi, coconut, goji berries, dates

Their menus are seasonal, so you will always feel as though you are eating food with the lowest food mile, it also has the aura of being a cafe that acquires all their meat and dairy produce directly from farms. Being vegetarian, there are always lots of delicious options that I can eat, but it’s definitely a well rounded menu with lots of options for everyone and they’re very accommodating if you have any specific requirements.


Avocado and roasted vine tomatoes on toast with a poached egg

If you visit from Dollis Hill station, you have to walk up the hill to reach the cafe, but it means that you arrive at the top feeling as though you have earned your breakfast, then you can walk downhill on the way home. I absolutely love it here and always take guests for a breakfast that feels a little bit out of London. Gorgeous in the summer, but super popular, so try and book: 020 8452 1368.


Nothing but 5 star reviews from the few people who have discovered it on TripAdvisor, definitely worth a visit!


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