Summer BBQ for vegetarians

I can imagine for some people that the idea of a vegetarian coming to your summer BBQ is mildly terrifying, so if you are here looking for last minute ideas, or you are a vegetarian that is just looking for ideas on your way to a BBQ, here are my favourite veggie BBQ items.

All items can be found at Sainsburys or similar UK supermarkets. Making your own veggie food is definitely a great alternative, but sometimes you do just need to pick up something in a rush. I’ve been caught out loads of times on my way to a BBQ when the host suddenly panics and asks you to pick something up, as they aren’t sure what to get. This is totally fair enough, and it’s kind of fun to pick your own BBQ items anyway. Let me know if you have any suggestions that you love too!

Halloumi kebabs


Now halloumi is one of my favourite things, so much so that I am planning on dedicating a whole post to the beautiful Cypriot cheese fairly soon. Halloumi kebabs are super easy to make, cheap, and a good veggie option for literally everyone!

These were made with pepper, red onion and halloumi only at my friend’s BBQ, sprinkled in chilli flakes and topped with sweet chilli sauce would be an easy way to up the spice and make it even more colourful. I really like these because they don’t take long at all to cook, so they’re a great starter whilst you’re waiting for the burgers to cook, and slightly more interesting than just serving side salad.

My only warning for these would be that halloumi really doesn’t like to stay on the kebab stick, so BIG CHUNKS.

Beetroot burgers


Beetroot is one of those vegetables that I eat at least 3 times a week in various forms, but have still never touched raw. It’s such a classic go to for veggie dishes in restaurants and it’s incredibly versatile. My favourite thing about this is honestly just the gorgeous colour, we topped these with salad, tomatoes and ketchup (classic) and it was so filling and delicious.



These are a bit of a trend where people are now putting mushrooms in sausages too instead of just burgers. I’m going to be very honest and say I’m not a huge fan of mushrooms. Probably because they never leave mush-room for anything else (see what I did there). But if you’re a fan, caramelised shroomdogs are actually kind of delicious.



Now this isn’t an item you would fry on the BBQ, but it is a delicious topping to your veggie hot dog or fab Mexican salad. You can by pulled jackfruit from Sainsburys which just needs to be popped in the oven for around half an hour and you can put it straight onto a green or couscous/rice salad. It’s so filling and tastes enough like pulled pork to trick meat eaters into enjoying it.

Mexican bean burgers


Keeping on the Mexican vibe, because I love Mexican food but also because I love food that is intended to be delicious without meat and therefore feels like less of a substitution. They have smoky Mexican bean burgers as Sainsburys which topped with chopped avocado, sour cream, tons of cheese and lettuce, is exactly my kind of BBQ food. This may be too much of a twist on the norm to risk bringing to a ‘normal’ BBQ, but if it’s you’re own or you’re willing to bring all the toppings then I guarantee you will have people wanting to try them. They look, smell and taste amazing.

Let me know what your favourite veggie BBQ option is, I’d love some more ideas for the summer!




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