Another weekend, another brunch!

Manchester is definitely starting to grow on me, from all my weekends spent up there. I think it is mainly because the Northern Quarter has all the trendy brunch spots and cocktail bars in one area and it is literally effortless to find a place to go. Price wise, it’s pretty similar to London, but everything is super close together which is really convenient.

The place we went to last weekend was called Evelyn’s Cafe Bar. There are lots of great reviews about it on TripAdvisor and Open Table, which we didn’t read as we just came across it, but I can confirm that the food is absolutely amazing. Definitely would recommend this place for brunch if you are up in Manchester for the day/weekend.

(ft. Edd looking really happy about my photo taking)

As much as I love Moose Coffee and Federal, there is no queue here and everything we had was absolutely delicious. The other thing I liked about it was there range of milks (I honestly get way too happy about a coffee shop that has a good milk selection).

The drinks

Firstly, Edd ordered a drink which was essentially espresso with condensed milk. This was a total flashback for me to sixth form days where coffee with condensed milk was the only way I could drink it. Served short with brunch is was perfect.


I was a little less fortunate with my drink choice as I thought that a matcha latte was something that I might like… I do not.


Huge appreciation for the great latte art with almond milk though!

The waiter was actually really lovely about it and swapped it for a coconut flat white instead. I believe the exact line he gave was “did someone tell you it would be nice and then you realised it actually tasted a bit chalky?” Yes, that is exactly what happened (apologies matcha lovers). The coconut flat white was absolutely delicious though and I love having coffee with brunch.


Here is me much happier with my life choices.

The food


Edd ordered the avocado and poached egg on toast, which was done beautifully and served on sourdough which is a big win. However, the ricotta pancakes I ordered were literally the best pancakes I’ve ever had, and I take that claim very seriously. They are served with honeycomb butter and blueberries and the honeycomb butter is incredible! I have no idea who thought it would be a good idea to put ricotta in pancakes, but I like them.


I honestly want to come back and just eat my way through the menu. If you do go and order the ricotta pancakes I hope they are as fluffy and beautiful as these were, as I was told they were the best batch they had done so far (woohoo!)

Fab place, cool atmosphere, great plants, highly recommended by me!



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