Gin of the month: June

Gin of the month is back and already I’m struggling to pick a favourite. It’s become incredibly trendy to play with the botanicals of a gin until it really tastes like something else (parma violet gin for example). Gin liqueurs were all the range last summer, with Edinburgh gin’s rhubarb and ginger in everyone’s cups and the various pink gins that sprung up across the board.

My favourite gin for June is a gin that tastes exactly like fruity tooties. Marula gin is a Belgian gin which is made with the fruit of the marula tree in Africa, alongside juniper, rose, lavender, coriander and orange blossom.

The inspiration for using marula was from stories of fruit falling off the trees, fermenting slightly, being eaten by elephants who would evidently become slightly tipsy.

I first had this gin at the Gin Festival with tonic water and I really enjoyed it, I also really enjoy the story of Elephant’s consuming this fruit and the fermentation in their stomach’s causing them to get drunk. One of the reasons gin is my favourite drinks is because I feel like all gins have a great backstory.


They have also brought out a new gin under the Marula label which is pomegranate flavoured:

Marula Pomegranate is a sultry, soft and accessible gin with a soft pink appearance. The Marula Pomgranate is remarkably sweet with scents of red fruits such as raspberry, wild strawberries and blackberries. The Pomegranate variety is based on the Marula gin with the largest flavoring the ‘pomegranate’ and therefore contains the same basic ingredients.

Marula Pomegranate is distilled three times and is very easy to drink.

I hope you enjoyed this recommendation, let me know what your favourite gin is as I would love to try it!


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