10 Gin & Tonics with a twist

Is Winter here? I’ve still not decided! Mornings and evenings are unbelievably freezing, but during the day I’m genuinely walking around in a thin jumper and leggings – weird.

I’ve decided to put together a post about my favourite drink (and pretty much the UK stereotype) – a gin and tonic. More and more brands are coming out with unique twists on the classic g&t and if you fancy keeping it fancy at the range of trendy bars and gin bars in London, then give one of these combinations a go. 

These are my 10 top gin and tonic combinations to try, have a read and let me know if you try any of them!

(If anyone tells you that you can’t mess around with a classic combo, get rid of them, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.)

I can assure you that this post was not sponsored by Fever Tree (sadly), but it is my go to tonic. Though Schweppes did a massive push at this year’s gin festival with their new range of tonics, including bitter lemon, so they are also definitely worth a try!

Hendricks with Fever Tree Elderflower

Cucumber to garnish

Okay so starting off simple with a classic, Hendricks is a gin that most people try pretty quickly after they decide they quite like a g&t. A more expensive gin who have marketed themselves very well with the classic afternoon tea presentation and infamous cucumber garnish. I’ve found that this can be even nicer with the elderflower tonic and is perfect for a Summer afternoon.


Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle gin with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic

Lemon peel to garnish

This one is one of my all time favourites and when I had this at a bar it was the first time I had tried the Mediterranean tonic and realised how different it was to Indian tonic. Sipsmith gin is nice, but their lemon drizzle gin is delicious! Partner this with the subtle taste of Mediterranean tonic and garnish with fresh lemon peel for a flashback to warm summer days.


Brockmans with Fever Tree ginger ale

Blueberries and orange wheel to garnish

So this one is a little bit of a cheat as it’s not a g&t, though gin + ginger is also a great coupling to say at a bar and sound like you know what you’re talking about. Brockmans has such delicious blueberry undertones that you can only really appreciate when you pair this with a ginger ale instead of a tonic. This is also the kind of gin combo I can get on board with in the cold Winter months as it’s so warming.


Edinburgh rhubarb & ginger gin with FT elderflower tonic

No garnish

This one isn’t my personal favourite as generally I like a dry, fresh g&t but I can’t deny it is a great combo. Definitely a much sweeter variant, but one worth try particularly if you’re new to g&ts and trying to get on board. Pretty much anyone who has told me they ‘don’t like gin’ or ‘don’t like tonic’ have liked this one.


Monkey 47 gin with FT Mediterranean tonic

Orange peel to garnish

If you’re happy to splash the cash a little bit, or you’re in a bar that doesn’t hugely vary their prices dependent on your gin choice, I would definitely try Monkey 47. Given it’s name by the 47 botanicals that make up the taste it is a very tasty gin. I am also in love with an orange garnish particularly in the summer, so try this one with orange peel!


Rock Rose gin with FT Mediterranean tonic

Sprig of rosemary to garnish

This is another crowd pleaser and who doesn’t love the fresh smell of rosemary? One of my favourites to recommend when someone asks for a g&t combo in a gin bar as a lot of people haven’t tried Rock Rose and it’s such a tasty gin.


Napue Gin with FT Indian Tonic

Rosemary and frozen cranberries to garnish

You may have read about this gin in one of my gin of the month posts (here). This rye based gin is from the Kyro Distillery in Finland and is such a great classic gin and tonic, but not one you really see on the shelves in bars. If you ever get your hands on a bottle then do let me know what you think!


Sweet Potato and plum gin with Prosecco

No garnish

We are getting onto the gins that you won’t find in bars now, ever heard of the Sweet Potato Company? This gin is London Dry infused with plum in copper stills, creating a delicious liqueur that you can have with Prosecco or straight over ice. A fun alternative to try at a party!


Zymurgorium Quince and Jamaican ginger gin with FT ginger ale

Lemon peel to garnish

This one is definitely more of a liqueur feel, so slightly sweeter than normal gins but not overly so. This is a fun one because you can drink it cold with ginger ale and it’s amazing, or in the winter you can heat it up with star anise and lemon slices and make an amazing hot toddy!


Kokoro gin with FT light Indian tonic

Slice of ginger and a lemon twist to garnish

I feel like my boyfriend would be disappointed if I didn’t throw these guys in here. I feel like I talk about them all the time because they are just so different, but if you haven’t heard about them from me before then you should definitely try this amazing gin. This is London Dry gin infused with Sancho berries, which is a citrus ‘buzz berry’ with a peppery finish which causes your tongue to go numb when chewed. Obviously you aren’t having quite as intense of an experience when it is infused into gin, but the slightly tingly sensation on the back of your throat and tongue is a very cool experience to match a very delicious gin.


So there you go, 10 twists to a g&t which you should definitely try no matter what the season. I’d love to hear your favourites in the comments.

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