A little insight

Hi, welcome to my blog!

I work in the catering event industry of London, and have become addicted to discovering great new restaurants and innovative cocktail bars. I attend a lot of festivals, admittedly normally focussed around alcohol, and always use this as a space to find my next favourite pop-up food stall or bars I need to visit. Most of my blog is focussed through a foodie’s view of London, with a passion for innovative new spirits, cocktails and great coffee spots.

I’m aiming to create a visual and verbal diary of the newest trends and out there concepts, I hope it will be useful (or maybe just slightly interesting) if you’re living in or visiting London. Please always feel free to leave a comment if there’s somewhere you think I should check out, or something you’re interested in reading more about, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I vary my content between weekend itineraries, pop up festivals, great restaurants and interesting bars. You can find a few of my top blog posts below to get you started, or alternatively click onto my blog to read my most recent posts.

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Hopefully that’s given you a little insight into who I am, I look forward to sharing more content!